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Marketing Director Dilemma: Work vs. More Education

January 23, 2003

During 2002 I found myself required to seek work after a layoff situation. After the completion of three college degrees, including a master's degree, and 15 years of professional work experience at an executive level in my field (resort management)…never, never did I think I would find myself in the situation I was in.

After a period of time it became evident to me I would need to go well beyond traditional job search techniques to find suitable employment. My industry that was especially hard hit after 9-11 and the ensuing economic downturn compounded my frustrations. It seemed as if I would never work again! I felt I needed assistance to get my career and life back on track. This meant that I had to seek help and counsel to find something! This is when I found Meg.

Many of the job search methodologies I carried out on my own. However, organizing processes in the search was something I was not accustomed to. This is where Meg provided able assistance to get me on track with a routine and a tactfully driven strategy that did yield results. I found Meg's greatest strength was listening and then providing thoughtful, constructive and leading questions that gave me direction and purpose in my search.

Often in our conversations I found myself uttering "I never thought of that" which got me to step outside myself and really question what I was doing. Her methods were never judgmental or critical, just insightful to a point to get me to see beyond the end of my face and myopic focus; that is, when I was confronted with the daunting task of not only seeking employment but the career I really wanted!

In the end I found what I was looking for, but only after several false starts that provided my family and me with many emotional days of uncertainty regarding our future. I found Meg's strength to be one of providing empathy and focus during these times that ultimately served to get me through some of the most trying days of my life. As hokey as that might sound to some, I believe it to be so.

As I now embark on the "career" I choose, without hesitation I recommend Meg's services to anyone who may find themselves involved in the galactic task of seeking a career change!


Rob M., Colorado / New York

Meg’s Note: At one point during his job search, Rob considered quitting his search to return to school to work on his doctorate. My question to him: Are you running toward something or away from something? This helped him get back on track and shortly after he received the job offer that moved him to New York where he resides with his family today.

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