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Top Ten Pet Peeves of a Career Coach

© Meg Montford, Business & Career Coach

Working in the careers industry I hear many stories of what "turns off" a hiring authority. Here are some of the top pet peeves along with some my own. A career coach can support a client in modifying these behaviors to enhance opportunities for getting and keeping a job. My comments following each pet peeve.

1) Conducting over 5% of a job search in front of a computer - time waster!

2) Answering machine with a child's voice giving instructions - not cute!

3) Message left with a garbled / racing / undistinguishable phone number - delete!

4) Business card collector working a room at a networking event - ineffective!

5) Resume or CV with grammatical, formatting, and data errors - toss!

6) Late for an interview due to traffic / bad directions / car breakdown - no excuses!

7) Runs in stockings / spot on tie / wrinkled shirt - expect the unexpected and carry spares!

8) Treating receptionist / janitor / anyone with disrespect - job forfeiting!

9) Failure to ask for the job before leaving the interview - not interested!

10) Forgetting to send a thank you note after the interview - not interested!

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