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Career Coaching Program

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

An Abilities Enhanced® coaching program based on the work of Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC, author, trainer, and leader in the field of life and personal coaching.

Are you in a dead-end job? Do you want more out of life?

Perhaps you are a Baby Boomer who sees life passing you by?

Maybe you graduated from college only yesterday but can't figure out why you majored in the field you did?

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction is designed to help you figure it out once and for all. Don't you deserve to enjoy a purposeful and rewarding life based upon who you are intended to be?

The Now What? program can help you:


Meg Montford, Master Certified Career Coach, is the coach and teleclass leader. She is an Authorized Life Blueprint® Facilitator through the Life Blueprint Institute, plus Certified TeleLeader through Teleclass International. She has been coaching clients to career success since 1999.

Meg completed a rigorous 8-week training program, plus sat for and passed a final exam, to qualify for the Life Blueprint® Facilitator credential.


See what long-held beliefs hold you back.

Get clear on what happiness means to you and how to capture it.
Identify career possibilities for a productive and rewarding future.
Look at your money values and change what no longer works.
Research career choices and confirm your best options.
Create a plan and go after what you want!

Decide for yourself the benefits of this program. Download the Now What? quick quiz and print it. Check out how your life's challenges stack up. How many truths did you uncover? Are you ready to embrace change to discover true life contentment?

The Now What? program is truly life-changing. It is offered in two different formats and levels — as a 12-week individual coaching program or teleclass workshop. You choose the format best suited to your learning style and budget.

Individual Coaching Program

Enjoy the benefits of working one-on-one with your career coach in a confidential, structured environment. Get personal attention, ask individual questions, and experience the privilege of unlimited email access to your coach between weekly sessions.

Each weekly session is 45-50 minutes long. Visit Coaching to learn more about one-on-one career coaching. Your investment for the entire 12-week coaching program is $1500 — including text and online workbook. An easy monthly pay plan is available at $550 per month. Executive Level is $2000 or $725 per month with short phone calls included between coaching sessions in addition to unlimited emails with your coach. Sign up today for your free Career Evaluation and get additional information about the Now What? program. Get on track to start out 2014 on the right foot!

Still not sure if this coaching program is right for you? Here's what former clients have said:

“For those who feel stuck and wondering what happened to their dreams or those who are struggling through a career transition, I highly recommend you contact Meg Montford and request the 12-week “Now What?” program. “Now What?” provides a helpful structure and Meg is a fabulous guide in the process of identifying our truths, uncovering our own self-imposed limits, and helping design that future where opportunity abounds. She has gifts of empathy and experience when she asks those “Meg questions” that while maybe difficult to answer, helped me gained the necessary clarity to take the right action. She is pure gold, and I am so grateful I made that call. You will be too!” — Maurice B., (IT Project Manager to Investment Banker)

“I had been very successful in my 20-year career with multiple promotions, however, I had lost focus and was not sure if my work was meaningful or the right thing to be doing. I did not have the energy and drive that was necessary at an executive level. Was there more out there? My children were growing older and I was starting to see the effects our relocations for promotional opportunities were having on them. Meg's 12-week "Now What" program was exactly what I needed. It brought me back to reality focusing on who I am and what value I can provide instead of worrying about what it was that I do. I was able to realize that "career and life satisfaction are derived less from what we choose to do for a living and more from who we get to be every day while performing those tasks." With the renewed sense of energy and drive, I was able to make changes that improved relationships with my employer, my children, and my wife. I am now excited again about who I am and focused on where I am headed. Thank you Meg!” — Dave B., (Manager, Ground PackageTransportation)

“I found the "Now What, 90 Days to a New Life Direction" (coaching) program to very helpful. Specifically, the concept of discovering my "life's blueprint" and searching for a career/job market that enables me to be who I want, rather than to do what I think I want -- was particularly enlightening and exciting. I feel a lot more confident about the direction I'm taking and the life-altering decision I've made. That isn't to say I never feel worried or anxious, but I have a sense of reassurance and direction with my "blueprint" to refer to whenever I begin feeling unsure. Although the program/workbook by itself is fantastic, working with a coach like Meg definitely helps to flesh out that direction and provide necessary feedback that a book cannot provide on its own.” — Jason S., (Nonprofit Supervisor to Graphic Artist Student)

Teleclass Workshop (not available at this time)

A teleclass is a cost effective, convenient way to learn by telephone from the comfort of your own home! In this virtual classroom you can maintain your anonymity, if you wish, and share your learning with others from across the United States. You access the teleconference through a telephone "bridge line." Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 people at any one time to enhance your learning experience.

Tuition is only $647 for the entire 12-week program. If you prefer monthly payments, we can arrange 3 monthly installments of $247 each. Each participant is also responsible for individual long distance charges for each call. Text and online workbook are included.

New Teleclass Forming

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