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Business Owner Re-enters Corporate America

November 19, 2002

Like most people that are beginning a job search today, I had never looked for a job before. Promotions and opportunities came up and I just decided what to do. Now I needed a professional to help me develop a strategy, write my resume, hone my job search skills and keep me focused. What I needed was a Career Coach.

After interviewing several candidates, I selected Meg Montford of Abilities Enhanced. Meg has a background in recruiting and that was one of the keys to my decision. I needed someone who had been in the trenches and could talk from experience. Her job search program was comprehensive and covered all the bases. The kicker was Meg’s intuitive skills; I honestly think she had me figured out after our first phone call!

I worked with Meg for about 4 months and was more than pleased with her performance. She helped me develop a great job search strategy, did a personality profile, wrote my resume and cover letter, coached me on my interviewing skills and challenged me to set goals and track my progress.

Meg Montford was a great investment for me and I highly recommend that you hire her as your Career Coach. She is a doer!


Kevin T., Kansas

Meg’s Note: Kevin had been a VP Business Development with a giant telecommunications company before leaving to start his own business. When the 2001 recession hit, he worked with me to return to Corporate America. He landed a position as a VP Business Development with an outplacement firm. After a brief time there, he was downsized, but quickly landed on his feet as Director of Sales with a large engineering firm where he has worked since 2005.

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