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Media Manager / Standup Comic to Broadcast Manager

September 11, 2002

I highly recommend Meg Montford to any business professional who is searching for that next big career move, trying to jump-start a sagging job search, or transitioning careers. Besides career coaching, Meg's resume writing skills are exceptional. She will help you maximize the visibility of your achievements to potential employers by helping you position yourself professionally in a dynamic, easy to read resume.

I worked with Meg receiving the benefits of both her coaching services and her resume writing services. Both of these were a great boost to me in my professional job search. Thanks to Meg, I have landed a successful job offer in my chosen field - television network broadcasting. I'm ecstatic with the results from Abilities Enhanced!

Meg will help you define what is most important to you in your job search, and help you to seek out the opportunities that fit best into that value system. She isn't going to do the work for you. Through a series of self-examining career exercises, she will push you, prod you, or coax you into taking the time to reach your own decisions and guide you down the path of your career. This is what I valued most about my work with Meg.

In addition, Meg will make sure you stay focused on your job search techniques. She will help you to create stories about your past successes that quantify your marketable job skills in a way that interviewers can understand and appreciate. I found Meg’s Challenge/Action/Result approach to storytelling to be invaluable in my interviewing.

Committed and consistent are two characteristics of Meg's work ethic in terms of coaching and resume writing that will make you feel good about choosing her as your career coach. She cares about her client's success.

During my coaching sessions with Meg, I became convinced she would be able to improve upon the way my resume was marketing my talents as a business professional. I was right. Meg turned my resume from a clunker into Class Act. I really believe my Abilities Enhanced-formatted resume caught some eyes due to Meg's work.

I would recommend any of Meg's professional services to my friends and colleagues, as long as I wasn't competing with them for jobs!

Chris D., Connecticut

Meg’s Note: Since moving from California to Connecticut for his new job, Chris and his wife have built a new house and started the family they dreamed of having. Chris still works for ESPN today in 2008.

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